Services Offered

There are several services being offered which I think will be of interest to you as a Seller or Home Buyer. For example, you will find helpful information on how to prepare your home for sale, and obtain more price than comparable properties. Buyers can also find information on how to buy prudently, and in some cases buy below market price. As Buyer, you will also find information on how you can buy with no money down, or obtain financing for 110% - 115% on the value of the property. There are several informative and rewarding articles that will help you make a smart buying and selling decision. I have provided a lot of enriching information on many topics:

• Relocations
• Agency Relationship
• Networking for Investors
• Credit Repairs
• Property Evaluation kit
• Private for Sale kit, etc. etc.

We have prepared several reports on a lot of topics which are prevalent to Buyers and Sellers, and you are encouraged to send us your requests and feedback for any of this information kits, and we will send them to you without any obligation whatsoever. Please contact us for further information.


I work with Buyers, whether first time, trading up to a bigger or perhaps, buying down to a small property. It is important that the clients get all the information that is necessary to make an informed and prudent decision in the purchase of their property. I have put together a buyers' package to help you in deciding on the right plan of action. To get this package, please contact us. Right now you have a chance to win $8000.00 worth of furniture and appliances to help you with decorating your home. If you are planning to buy your house between now and 31st of March, 2008, you are entitled to enter for this draw. It is worth $8000.00. One entry per family please. Thanks for participating.


Buyer's Seminar

I have a regular Buyers' Seminars, either in a group or in a person-to-person setting. These seminars help Buyers get very comfortable with the unavoidable requirements for buying a home, such as, pre-qualification, high ratio purchase, income requirments and legal issues. This may sound like only the first time purchasers may have the need to take advantage of this Buyers' seminar, but this cannot be further from the truth. With the changing requirments for home purchase, it is imperative that everyone who wish to get into the market of buying a home take advantage of this free no obligation offer, and contact us for further information.

Buying with Nothing Down

Buying with Nothing Down is possible for those who are in a high earning income brackets, but do not have the necessary down payment for their home purchase. The CMHC has a program which will make it possible for these clients to buy a home, even with more than 100% financing. For instance if the home is not quite upgraded to modern standards, this program will make it possible for these clients to obtain 110% or even 115% to help in bringing the standard of the amenities up to par. For more information on this program, please conctact us.


I have developed a strong marketing check list which is adhered to in order to carry out the most reliable and excellent service which is guaranteed to be very effective in marketing your home. An outline of the lines of action that are taken is shown and you can review it. If you wish to find out more of our marketing check list, please go to contact us and fill out the required information.

Basic Service Program

Market Outlook

Friday, March 3, 2006 - "Sales of existing homes rose to 6,756 in February. A nine per cent increase over the same month last year." This was announced today by TREB President John Meehan. "The Toronto resale market is accelerating nicely as we move towards Spring," the President said. "It looks like another healthy year ahead of us."
Mr. Meehan further noted that February's performance was the second best for the month ever recorded and up 47 per cent from January, which is in line with seasonal trends.
On the pricing front, the average in February rose to $353,928, a six per cent increase over both February 2005 and January's figure of $332,687. The median price told much the same story, rising six per cent to $298,000 over $281,000 recorded during last February, and up three per cent over January 2006.
Total Breakdown:
2,524 sales were reported in TREB's 28 West districts which averaged $333,969.
1,219 sales were reported in the 14 Central districts and averaged $465,484;
1,344 sales were reported in the 23 North districts and averaged $377,795; and
1,669 sales were reported in TREB's 21 East districts and averaged $283,414.
If you need any further information or explanation of the market conditions in any of the districts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Comparative Market Analysis

I will carry out a professional market analysis which is worth over $400.00 if you had to obtain a market value appraisal. As a MVA I can appraise your property using my professional knowledge as a Market Value Appraiser, which can stand up in court in adjudicating value for marital or tax purposes. Please contact us for further information on this valuable service, which you cannnot get from a regular real estate Agent.

Free Market Asnalysis


I have developed a very strong relocation network that makes it possible and convenient for Corporate entities and private individuals who are transferring out or into our market areas, to simply make a requisition of the description of the home they are looking for and, the neighbourhood they wish to relocate to, and all the logistics will be arranged by us. If you are looking to relocate sometime in the near future, please give us the details of your needs, and leave the rest to us. Please contact us for more information on our relocation program.

Power of Sale Properties

As a Real Estate Investor, whether you want to buy and live in it, or resale, you want to be shrude in your investment, by buying smart and make money both on the front-end and the back-end of your investment. Power of Sale and Foreclosures are quick and easy way to make money, both in buying and selling. To take advantage of Power of Sale buying, you must get current and uptodate of all power of sale properties in the area of your interest, so that you can get in very quickly before everyone else. If you wish to keep informed of all power of sales, please go to contact us and send in your request by filling in the requested information.

Agency Relationship

As a Home Seller or Buyer, you want to know the level of service you can expect the Real Estate Agent to render. So, a complete disclosure will have to be made and signed by you that you have read and understood what the Agent can deliver in the form of service. This is a requirment by the regulatory body that oversees the activities and customer relationships of the Agents. This service does not cost you any money as a Buyer or Seller, it protects you by minimizing your risk as a client. There is a brochure that is put out by Reco called "working with a Realtor" which outlines the full details of this disclosure requirement, and you can request for further information about this by contacting us.

Community Information
Neighbourhood Research

You are able to discover the character of each neighbourhood of Toronto and their uniqueness by exploring the different sections of the city i.e., Etobicoke, York, the Old Toronto, Scarborough, East York and North York. Whether you are interested to find out something about the history, people, places of this great city, everything is contained in here. So simply navigate around and get all the information you need to keep you informed of the historic and evolution trend of the different areas of the city. For further information, please contact us.


Our newsletter deals with timely and topical issues which you will find both engaging and interesting. We deal with subjects which have attributes and perspectives that are prevalent with investments, networking and mortgage rates, qualifications and credit remedial procedures. You can read this newsletter or subscribe a friend, and also read the pdf format by access the pdf link.


For Sale By Owner

If you are a For Sale By Owner, I am sure that you would want to handle the transaction professionally. In this way, you will maximize your financial benefits. You should be careful to qualify your prospective customers properly. Without any doubt there will be some serious buyers and also some people simply not interested in buying at all. These are people who probably have so much time at hand and just have to use it up some how. In addition, you will have a lot of Real Estate agents contacting you to see if you may have decided to list with a real estate Agent. If you decide to list with an Agent, you want to qualify them just as you would qualify a prospective buyer. However, the qualifying questions are different from that of the prospective buyers. To help you with qualifying the agents, you can use this questions. If you need further information, please go to contact us and fill out the required information.

Qualifying Questions

Before you commit to deal with any real estate Agent, you owe it to yourself to ascertain and also ensure that the quality of service that you would expect to receive. To do this, we have made it easy for you to articulate the releant questions that would give you the assurance you need. Please contact us to get these questionaire form forwarded to you, without any obligation whatseover.

For any further information on these service, please send us information request form. Thanks.