It is no accident that a lot of the mortgages I do are referred to me from previous customers, their friends and family members. I have a strong belief that "one good deed deserves another". The testimonials I have received show my dedication and hard work in helping people who have problems. I am tenacious with every mortgage application; it does not matter whether it is for large or small amount. I feel that a good word goes a long way. This is my conviction and I am not going to change from it, unless a better idea is discovered.

Real Estate Customers

"Everest, it was a pleasure to work with you in the purchase of our very first home; we were filled with apprehension, bewilderment and panic when we started this process. You made us feel easy about the whole procedure, and took the time to explain the steps and helped us step by step so that in the end we wondered what we were so anxious about."
---Maria Santos, Toronto---

"Everest, you remember when I called your office around 7:30 a.m. I was expecting to get an answering machine response, but you were there to take my call. That was wonderful, and just with that I was sold about your tenacity and dedication. Your thorough presentation and innovative ideas, including knowledge and adeptness on the computer were qualities that I appreciated about you. I was lucky to find you and will pass your name to colleagues and friends who want to buy or sell a house, without any hesitation."
---Dorothy Mills, Etobicoke---

"Everest was remarkable. He never let me down, either through the purchase of my new home in North York, or in the tricky negotiations we had to go through in the sale of my Condo in the down town Toronto. I always knew how to contact him, or who to speak to in his office in rare occasions that he was away. I want to register my grateful appreciation of the patience and diligence he demonstrated in working with me. I was not disappointed in my choice of a Real Estate Broker, and would use him again, or recommend him to my friends and family."
---Candy Abraham, North York---

"Thank you, Everest, for your kindness and patient. You really went beyond our expectation. I will never forget the day I called you at 11:30 p.m., in panic and you calmed me down and helped me to realize that this was just another step in my journey towards a better thing. I will always remember that, and will recommend you to everyone I know who is buying or selling a house."
--- Cindy Roberts, Toronto---

"Everest, I just wanted to write and let you know that I have passed your name on to friends who are in the process of buying their first home. Your knowledge, professionalism, courteousness and excellent communication skills make you the ideal person to help them as you did to us. You will get a call from them in a day or two. I am sure they will have as positive experience as we did. Thank you for your help."
---Michael Medeiros, Toronto---


"I was a new mother who had just recently returned to work from maternity leave when we decided to refinance our home. I was still struggling with trying to balance work and home obligations, so the idea of one more thing on my "to do" list had me uptight. Thank God Everest coming to the rescue. Almost all the preliminary paper work was done over the phone or fax lines. The entire deal was completed in two weeks from start to funding, and we've been able to lower our monthly payouts by $550. Thanks a lot Everest. I will definitely pass your card to all my friends and family. It is a joy dealing with you."
---Michele Rogers, Etobicoke---

"I would like to thank you Everest, for helping us out. You provided very knowledgeable and prompt service in spite of our fax not working properly. We figured out that with our new financing we are probably saving around $400.00 per month. Again thank you."
---Brain Thompson, North York---

"I had been working with another lender for several months and it had turned into an extremely frustrating and stressful ordeal. My sister recommended you very highly, because you had helped her out when she was buying a house with her husband. I found you to be very helpful, professional and courteous. My house purchase was funded in two weeks - what an amazement after getting no where with another Broker for several months. In addition, you arranged to get me additional money through equity LOC which helped me to pay off other debts and still end up with a lower monthly payment. You are amazing Everest! I intend to recommend you to everyone I know who buys or refinances a house. Thank you again for making this such a pleasant and beneficial experience."
---Renee Hendrique, Toronto---

"Everest helped me get a bleak situation under control by refinancing and getting a consolidation loan on my house, at much better interest rate than I have been quoted by other Brokers. You are always courteous and helpful, and you make the mortgage experience so much easier than anyone else with whom I have ever dealt. Your professional attitude and knowledge of the industry is head and shoulder above the rest. I will recommend your service to anyone I know who is buying or refinancing a mortgage. You are truly remarkable."
---Tuan C. Phan, Toronto---

"Thank you for your hard work in refinancing my mother's home. Although, I am a Loan Officer in a Bank in Ottawa, I needed to find a trustworthy Mortgage Broker to handle the refinancing of my mother's home in Toronto. Naturally, I was very leery hiring "outside work". However, in my dealing with you, I found you very accessible, returned my calls promptly, so courteous whenever my Mom called with questions. I will definitely refer business your way whenever possible."
---Christy Freedman, Ottawa---


"Your presentation was not only informative, imparting many practical and useful strategies to participants, but was delivered in an entertaining manner that made it an enjoyable experience for those in attendance. Attendees spoke highly of your presentation style as well as the content of your presentation. They felt that the strategies and insights that they learned would be easy and effective to implement in their everyday real estate investment initiatives. These individuals also appreciated your use of humour and anecdotes to illustrate your message."
---Jason Henderson, Toronto---

"The first impression Everest give is one of putting people at ease and being genuinely interested in the topic st hand. His intent is to speak to those who wish to succeed in applying themselves by helping them see the enermous potentials that exist in the field of real estate investing, and the need to enjoy ones avocation in sharing experiences and rending assistance to those who show the desire to succeed in their undertaking. It is easy to see that the essence of success is within sharing and giving spirit. I would recommend Everest's Network program to any one who has the ability to learn and a persistence in their commitment."
---Elizabeth Wheaton, Toronto---