Conscientious efforts are made to keep these rates current. However, rates do not as a matter of course, change everyday. In a volatile condition, when rates are changing very quickly, you can be sure that the schedules are changed to keep pace with the prevailing conditions of the market.
It is important to know that these rates are for guideline only. The rate that one gets results from several factors:

1. Applicable credit rating;
2. Quality of the collateral;
3. Character of the borrower;
4. Income qualification; and
5. Capability to take on extra debt.

The rate that one gets is based on these factors. So, it is necessary to be pre-qualified, this way you know what mortgage amount and rate that you can possibly obtain from the Bank. There are several institutional and private lenders who will finance your purchase, despite your credit rating or other impacting factors. You are encouraged to find out how much you can qualify for, even if your credit is not as good as you would like it be. You can benefit from our credit repair program and other credit mitigation measures which will help you qualify for the mortgage you want in order to buy your dream home. Home ownership is a right; you should not allow yourself to be denied of your right. There are several programs you can benefit from, such as, no money down, home repair loans, and credit counseling for people who have misused their credit. There is help available for just about every one who is serious of owning a home.