When you and yours need a top notch real estate agent, you'll be happy to know that working with Gold Standard Realty provides service above and beyond. We strive to provide the best homes for sale in the Richmond Hills area of Toronto.

Working with an experienced Real Estate agent:

The name of the game in the Toronto market is to be one step ahead of the rest.  This includes listing homes for sale.  Fortunately, Gold Standard Realty keeps their ear to the ground and knows the market to provide your homes maximum exposure when you decide to list them for sale.  Since the Richmond Hills and other areas of Toronto are so exclusive, you'll want to rely on our seasoned expertise to ensure the best results for your home, whether you are buying or selling.

Why list a home for sale with Gold Standard Realty?

Our agents know that the details of a home are what make it a real home.  This means that we take great care in providing every last detail when listing homes for sale because that last detail may be the one that closes your weeks or months earlier than would have happened with a lackadaisical presentation.

How important are images when listing a home for sale?

Since the Richmond Hills, Toronto area is so large, there is a great deal of competition when it comes to selling homes.  Any real estate agent will tell you that the process of selling each home is like telling a new story.  We need to create an image of your home that speaks to its audience and makes them "fall in love" with the home; much in the same way you did when you made your initial purchase.  This is why your listing needs to have impeccable photos when the home is put up for sale.  The larger percentage of people in the Toronto area shop for a home online, meaning that your best chance at a good first impression relies on the photos you are able to post of your home.

How much customer care do we provide?

Gold Standard Realty is more than just a name, it is the way our business operates.  From the time you first contact our real estate agent, through the process of listing your home for sale or searching homes for sale, until the final closing, you will feel our constant gold standard of customer service.  Feel free to give us a call to help your buy or sell a home in the Richmond Hills and greater Toronto areas.