We have an exciting organization and environment where people not only work and be fulfilled in their chosen professional career, but we have a very vibrant social and personal life empowerment program in our organizational setting. Gold Standard Realty is an aggressively growing real estate brokerage that has a parallel mortgage brokerage company that operates side by side and offers a complimentary service to our real estate operations. We offer different positions to qualified individuals who are willing to share the same business philosophy that exists in our organization. Please send us your resume for any of the following positions:

1. Real Estate Sales persons
2. Brokers
3. Administrations
4. Branch Managers

If you are motivated and want to join an exciting organization, please send us your resume. It would be one of the best steps you would take to enhance your career.

Incentives for New Agents

As an incentive for new prospective Agents who are not quite sure whether they should make a career of this profession,  we are offering free orientation and training that give complete overview of the profession and how one can be very successful applying themselves in the creation of sustainable and lucrative career. If you are in the process of considering making real estate sales and promotion or mortgage brokering a career, please do not hesitate to come in and we will give you all the time needed to make informed decision of the business.


Contact us at:

11 Tollington Road. Toronto.ON. M9R2C7