About Everest

The primary thing you have to know about me is that my actions and behaviours, in my protracted years of dealing with the business of real estate marketing, promotions and investment recomendations, are guided by four principal beliefs:

1. the existence and recognition of a Universal power;
2. the reward for hard work as preceeds achievement of success;
3. the love and respect for others underlines building up their personal esteem;
4. the rendering of a better service than the expected compensation.

These are the pivotal principles that guide my actions in both my private and business life.
Real estate is a passion for me, and my reward is based on the conviction of doing things right, where the satisfaction of the customer is held in the uppermost level, than the financial return for the service rendered. This is the standard by which my performance is always measured, and not by any accolade that is accorded for job well done. No amount of plaques or commendations will ever replace the satisfaction of knowing that a client feels completely satisfied with the service rendered.

I have no doubt that my success as a Real Estate Broker has been as a result of my primary beliefs, sensitivity to excellence, reliability and service. I have also kept touch with the demands for professional and educational update, technological know how, and complexity of the industry regulations. Armed with this simple guiding light and principles, my clients walk away feeling very well served, and they do not have any hesitation recommending me to their friends and families. That is why my business is generated through referrals from past clients.

You can be sure that with my educational background as an MBA in business Management, I am in a good position to take recognition of any subtle business complexity that is not ordinarily prevalent, but would result in a substantial consequence, to the disadvantage of my client. This gives my clients an added advantage in being represented adequately and safeguarded from unexpected financial loss. My professional standpoint as a Broker gives my clients an added assurance that they are getting the benefit of a well knowledgeable Broker who takes advantage and guidance from the latest industry guidelines. My clients know that when they are being represented by me, they have the service of well rounded professional expertise in real estate, mortgages and business undertakings.

Mission Statement

Our Missiosn in representing you as your real estate Broker, is to leave no stone unturned in helping you make the right decision - a decision that will leave you completely satisfied; where you would feel no hesitation in referring family or friends to use our service any time in the future. We have been several years in the business and we have built up enormous set of skills, professionalism, ethical and complete sense of urgency to listen to your needs and help you satisfy them.

We are concious and have full recognizance of the enormous weight and responsibility that you place on us when you come to us to use our services for acquiring real estate property or obtaining mortgage financing. We know that you expect a high level of expertise and moral obligation in the service we provide to you. We do not take this responsibility and weight lightly, and for this reason we stake all our knowledge and insight, in the level of service we provide, under the circumstances; and we go beyond the normal standard of service expectation in the industry. And you can rest assured that we set the standard in delivering impaccable service, using the most dliligent, moral and ethical level of awareness that are second to none in the industry. So, with no fear, come to us, and we will take exceptional care of you.