Experience is the Root of Business

Gold Standard Realty is a Real Estate Brokerage in Toronto with a comprehensive awareness of the market trend and real estate values. With astute knowledge of market and sharp sensitivity to values and trends, we can guide clients and make recommendations for successful decisions in selling and buying situations. The brokerage believes in the power of knowledge and using hard work to get what you want.  Previous business experience plays a major role in the assistance of buyers looking at homes or commercial property for sale.  As an experienced brokerage, we have not only helped individuals find homes and commercial properties for sale, we have helped them find the property they have always dreamed about.  Working in the Etobicoke, Ontario, and Toronto areas, residents and business owners can rely on the experience and dedication that are second to none in making an informed investment decision.

The primary thing you have to know about me is that my actions and behaviours, in my protracted years of dealing with the business of real estate marketing, promotions and investment recomendations, are guided by four principal beliefs: read more

A Reliable Real Estate Broker

Families and individuals can find the residential homes for sale that they've always wanted utilizing the resources and knowledge provided by Everest.  He makes sure that each client knows enough about the market to make an educated decision.  Guiding his clients through the ups and downs of commercial and residential property rates, Everest is a broker that proves his dedication to his Etobicoke customers who are navigating through the real estate business and looking at homes for sale.  With online resources like rate sheets, mortgage calculators, and first time buying seminars, he is providing a better foundation of knowledge for individuals who are new to the process.

Dedicated Mortgage Assistance

In addition to being a reliable real estate broker in Ontario, Everest is also versed in the world of mortgages and keeping up to date on current rates and values of homes for sale and commercial properties.  In order to educate his clients about homes for sale and commercial properties, he has an online mortgage application in addition to rate sheets and calculators.  These provide insight into the ever fluctuating world of mortgage, allowing individuals to make educated and firm decisions.

Whether individuals are looking for homes or commercial property for sale, apprehension and confusion are usually accompanying feelings.  As an experienced real estate broker, Everest works with people from start to finish, making sure they feel comfortable with their decision.  Finding a home or commercial property can be a daunting task, plagued with uncertainty.  Finding a real estate broker knowledgeable about homes and commercial property for sale in Toronto & Ontario can prove to be just as challenging.  Everest is a real estate broker that is entirely committed to finding a home and imparting the wisdom of his experience to his clients.  With most of his business coming from referrals and passing along his name, it's easy to see his professional expertise is helping a wide range of clients throughout Etobicoke.